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Custom Engagement Rings in Frisco Texas

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Thank You for visiting Frisco Engagement Rings. On this page we will talk about the custom engagement rings that we offer as well as the process it takes to create a stunning one-of-a-kind piece. Frisco Engagement Rings has created 100’s of custom engagement rings for our clients over the years. We are experts at crafting the perfect ring and custom work is one of our main specialties in Dallas, Texas!

A Custom Engagement Ring Is A Great Idea!

Why should you simply pick out a commonplace design with a vulgar display of ostentatious diamonds that blind the eye without conveying a deeper feeling? Engagement rings that are created exclusively for one individual is definitely huge now! The trend is growing with every passing year too. You can have a lot of fun creating it from scratch and presenting her with a ring that has no equal. Her heart will melt when she knows you put in the effort to make her a on-of-a-kind ring.

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The Custom Design Process in Frisco:

Whatever ring that you can imagine; we can create! On your initial visit you will meet with one of our diamond jewelry experts. We will get an idea of the ring that you want and help you with our feedback. The custom ring will be built exclusively around the main diamond that you choose. Frisco Engagement Rings has an enormous supply of loose diamonds at wholesale prices to choose from!

Once you have chosen your main diamond and we have an understanding of what you want your dream ring to look like we will create a 3-D computer animated design (CAD) design. Within just a few days of our initial appointment we will update you. We will email or text you the computer drawings as well as a 3-D video of the ring that you envisioned. Before we make the ring “live” you will have a chance to make any edits to the design. Once you have approved the CAD mock-ups we will grow the ring in a wax form. You can come back in our jewelry store to inspect the wax to be sure it is what you have envisioned.  After your final approval we will cast the ring and set the diamonds.

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The Types of Custom Engagement Rings That We Offer:

We can literaly design any type of ring that you want! All you need to do is provide us with your vision and we can make it. If there is a designer ring that you like but it is way to expensive we can create one almost identical. If you can provide us with a picture of a designer ring that you like we can nearly replicate the design for a fraction of the price. We can even do hand engraving on rings so there is no reason that your girl cannot receive the ring of her dreams.

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Some Examples Of Our Custom Engagement Rings:

The following images are custom engagement rings that we have completed for our customers. These are just computer images and the rings look even better than the pictures!

Collection Emerald-Custom-Engagement-Ring-with-Pink-Diamonds
Collection Halo-Custom-Engagement-Ring-Three-Wedding-Bands
Collection Frisco-Custom-Engagement-Rings
Collection Pink-Pear-Diamond-Custom-Engagement-Rings
Collection Double-Halo-Rose-Gold-Custom-Engagement-Rings
Collection Round-Diamond-Custom-Engagement-Ring-Pink-Baguettes
Collection Round-Diamond-Twisted-Shank-Custom-Engagement-Ring
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Contact Us Today For A Custom Engagement Ring in Frisco Texas

If you would like to discuss getting started on the custom design process then contact Frisco Engagement Rings today! Simply call us today at (972) 207-1180. We will schedule you on an appointment to look at different engagement rings that we offer as well as loose diamonds. We look forward to working with you on your dream ring!