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10 Diamonds Shapes Video's

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Frisco Engagement Rings - Round Diamond Engagement Rings

This classic round shape which is the most popular is thought to demonstrate love without end much like a wedding band does.


If traditional romance is in your veins than you will be drawn to this shape. This shape screams honest, faithful and conservative with a reluctance to change.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Radiant Engagement Rings

Flirty and trendy is your trademark. You are definitely not run of the norm.


Like your diamond you sparkle and shine. Never a dull moment


Frisco Engagement Rings - Princess Engagement Rings in Frisco

You demand attention as a leader taking risks and being extravagant.


You love the spotlight and attention your admires give you.There’s always a sense of excitement in everything you do.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Pear Engagement Rings

If your softer nature longs for traditional romance but you are your own boss, an individual trend setter who knows both sorrow and joy.


Your standards are high which makes it difficult for those around you to live up to your standards. Ease up on your love ones.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Oval Engagement Rings

If you are a little more individual as well as creative this egg shape which represents fertility and a desire for children by being stable and faithful then it was meant for you.


Cutting loose now and then while remaining traditional may describe the woman that chooses this shape.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Marquise Engagement Rings
Your diamond looks larger than it is. You have a superficial attitude towards wealth but desire for an extravagant appearance is obvious.


Status is the name of the game. Be careful not to forget your roots.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Heart Engagement Rings

You are a true romantic to say the least. Fantasy and sentiment can be harmful to real romance in a marriage.


Rose colored lenses are your vogue. Broken heartedness awaits you when the honeymoon and fairytale wedding are over.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Emerald Engagement Rings

An open heart and personal clarity suggests you are old fashioned. You are cool headed, poised and elegant.


You know who you are and do not seek approval from anyone. You wear your diamond, it does not wear you.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Cushion Rings for Engagement

This was once referred to as the old mine cut. It has been around for almost 200 years. It was as popular in its day as the round is today.


You hanker for the good old days. Simplicity and a slow lifestyle. No crazy offbeat one nighters.


Frisco Engagement Rings - Asscher Engagement Rings in Frisco
Drama surrounds you. You appeal to a vintage style suggesting you are clear about who you are.


Designed for Royalty would suggest you like to play the part. King Edward VII had Joseph Ascher create it.

Natural and Lab Grown

Lab Grown Diamonds have come a long way in the past year. All shapes and sizes are now available across the board. As lab grown diamond prices continue to fall , consumer confidence and demand is growing at an alarming rate. Most retail chains are now converting their stock to a higher percentage of lab grown diamonds. 

Here is an example of a 6.01 ct. Lab Grown diamond on our website. It is listed to sell at $12,500 however a similar 6.0 ct. natural diamond would set you back about $48,000. Frisco Engagement Rings offers both Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds for you to preview. We love lab grown diamonds as they tend to have better clarity and fewer inclusions. The perception is that natural diamonds hold their value. That is simply not true. When you come to sell your natural diamond you will be shocked to learn that the secondary market usually sells below wholesale prices.

Lab grown diamonds are available with a GIA certification. When faced with a choice between GIA and IGI certifications, go with GIA: Gemological Institute Of America.